Tuesday, August 7, 2007

seared tuna on a bed of summer salad

seared tuna salad, originally uploaded by organic baker.

Dan made a deal with me that I cannot resist. He said everytime I have to make cupcakes, he will make us dinner. He kept his word monday night. This dinner was team effort. He prepared and cooked the tuna (to my liking - which is not extremely on the raw side) and i made the salad. I dont know what he marinated the tuna with, but it was tasty and well seasoned. He used a duo of white and black sesame seeds to crust the tuna, then seared in a cast iron pan. For the salad, we had mesclun greens from the farmers market, tossed with white and red onions, halved juliet tomatoes and a nice yellow peach. The dressing was rather simple but tied everything together - juice from one lemon, drizzle of olive oil, a nice big chunk of wasabi, a tablespoon of honey and we are good to go!

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