Wednesday, August 15, 2007

fried zucchini from the garden

monday night's dinner... what do you do to the zucchini plant that started to overtake your whole garden? well... love it and start using its fruit! since i am not a zucchini lover (one per year is my nutritional limit.... and i call myself vegetarian????) i have to find great ways on how to put it in my food... and what better way to serve it than fried! even anthony bourdain said that anything tastes better fried right?!?! this dinner is dan's idea... and he's all happy about it. cooking it was fun. we cooked outside the house (heatwave in the valley) and i was in charge of the breading station, while he happily fried. in my first ziplock bag was flour seasoned with salt, a dash of cayenne and paprika, on my second ziplock was italian style bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. in a dish i had a couple of eggs with milk, seasoned with salt and pepper. so i dunked the zucchini in bag a, swished it in the egg bath then bounced it inside bag b, making sure it's all coated well. dan fried away. grated more parm on top and sprinkled with hawaiian pink salt right after frying. served with a fresh creamy dill sauce (sour cream + mayo + dill + garlic powder + salt & pepper) and chipotle dip on the side.

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Valli said...

Gardens are a wonderful thing. I have enjoyed looking over your blog,...keep up the great work!!!!There are never enough ways to cook zucchini so thanks for the tips!!!