Wednesday, August 15, 2007

tuesday night's dinner

salmon, originally uploaded by organic baker.

my intention for plating was far better than the execution.

around 4pm i cooked the orzo. once cooked, i added lemon juice and olive oil, salt and pepper, a diced big tomato, diced quarter of a red onion, chopped slices of muenster cheese with pepper. covered it and set it aside.

i marinated the salmon in maple syrup, grated ginger, smashed garlic, balsalmic vinegar and olive oil. stashed it inside the ref til i was ready to grill.

around 6pm i started making my vegan cupcakes.

dan called around 7, he said he was coming home.

time to heat the grill!

then i realized... i forgot to soak the cedar!

i gave the cedar a quick soak in warm water while the grill was heating. then i wrapped the salmon in cedar. threw it on the grill and went back to it after 8 minutes.

i used a ring mold to shape the orzo. it laid perfectly round on my plate. i checked the garden, a lo and behold there was still a lizard crawling around so forget the basil garnish! the salmon looked nice. but then when i put it on top of the orzo.... oh well.... just look at the picture!

served with woodchuck granny smith cider.


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