Thursday, November 8, 2007

crab fried rice

crab fried rice, originally uploaded by organic baker.

sunday. lunch time. what's for lunch? tough question. though my sunday muffins are good (read: whole wheat banana apple walnut muffins), i'd say it's not enough. invading the ice box and pantry, here's what i've concocted:

crab fried rice

the secret in making good fried rice is in the rice. rice should be cold (read: from the refrigerator), never freshly cooked (that would make the dish mushy). my 'papa molo' would make fried rice over the lowest heat possible, with constant stirring and for at least a good 10 minutes.... so let's keep it at that.

in a hot wok over high heat, start with a couple teaspoons of oil. sautee garlic, onions and carrots. add a couple squirts oyster sauce and hoisin. sprinkle with a couple dash of chinese five spice. add a teaspoon of sriracha. add frozen corn and peas. add crab meat (i used the canned version... hey that's good enough!) then stir in the cold rice (it will be in a big clump if from the refrigerator - simply break it down by crushing it with your fingers - trust me on that).

turn the heat down low and with the use of 2 big serving spoons, mix your rice mixture in the wok for the next 10 minutes. check for seasoning. when cooked, make a well in the middle of the mixture and drop 2 eggs, slowly scrambling then mixing in the rice. sprinkle with sesame seed oil and sesame seeds.

amazingly good.

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