Monday, November 12, 2007

bloody mary shrimp taco

bloody mary shrimp taco, originally uploaded by organic baker.

here's an idea for a quick dinner:

are you tired of seasoning your shrimp the way you always have it? sure it's good, but after having your good, well seasoned perfectly cooked shrimp from the grill, you just get tired of it. at least i do. one night, knowing that we will be having shrimp for dinner but not wanting to prep for a long time, i decided to have my bloody mary for dinner.

so here it goes:
shrimp - clean, no shell and deveined
dump it all in a ziplock bag... with...
bloody mary mix (the spicy one)
a small handful of brown sugar
celery salt
a splash of vodka if you will
(hey... didn't i tell you it's a bloody mary shrimp?)
olive oil

while marinating in the refrigerator, prep bamboo skewers by soaking it in hot water.

grill yellow bell peppers until nice and done. by then, the shrimp will be very eager to meet the grill. dan grilled the peppers and shrimp with some smoking chips (ask him what... he's the grill master). while he's grilling, i chopped some red onions, tomatoes and cilantro.

served with whole wheat tortilla and peach salsa. yummy.

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