Monday, December 17, 2007


ramen, originally uploaded by organic baker.

for some reason i'm not so thrilled in making my multi-step meals. one pot wonders are my thing right now, or maybe until the kitchen bug bites me again.
it's the perfect weather for ramen. pasta is also good with this dish, but ramen, to me, brings me childhood happiness and memories.
the most important thing to do is to cook the ramen separately just as you would with pasta. make sure you use a really good stock and fresh veggies and there's no possible way that you can screw this up.
ramen is freedom in a bowl. you can add anything you want and it will be alright.
for this version, i added root vegetables in a pot of simmering stock. i cheated and used swanson's organic vegetable stock (not that it's my favorite brand - it's just that it's the one on sale and my favorite is no where in sight). when the pot is in a gentle simmer for about 10 minutes, i added corn and the mushrooms (white button and shitake) and allowed it to simmer some more for about 5 minutes.
season with soysauce, salt, pepper and togarashi.
laddle the soup in a bowl of cooked ramen noodles. drizzle with sesame oil. add more togarashi! amazingly good and fast!

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