Sunday, August 19, 2007

something to confess about

junk dinner, originally uploaded by organic baker.

so this saturday dan and i decided we'll have an ultimate junk adventure for dinner! i know it's still kinda sissy... but people who know us know this IS junk for us....

nothing can be yummier than a cast iron grilled veggie dog sandwich! we headed to a local grocery at 8pm to get whole wheat hotdog buns and a couple other things for dan's mojitos. dan sauteed onions until it was nicely caramelized. he then grilled the veggie dogs and it almost smelled like the real thing! we had a can of vegetarian baked beans and i thought it would go really well with the sandwich. i caved in to cheetos (i had salty cheese craving i have to cave to) and dan was nice enough to get me a nice bag of baked cheetos.

served with a nice tall glass of dan's mojitos. it was all gooood!

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